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Why Smile Design?

This treatment aims to find the perfect smile for the patient through designing the colour, size, health of the patients’ teeth.

Smile design is a process of creating a new smile by examining the smile that suits patient’s face, shape, size and color of the teeth, the amount and appearance of the gums and the proportions appropriate to the patient for aesthetic purposes.

The need to smile, which is one of the most fundamental elements of people’s self-esteem and happiness, is one of the main needs throughout human history. Smiling not only contributes significantly to the self-confidence of the individual, but also gives important messages to the environment in which he communicates. A healthy smile with high self-esteem makes a significant contribution to a person’s ability to communicate with his / her environment more easily and to have a positive effect. People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of his/her teeth for various reasons avoid laughing and lose their self-confidence to some extent.

How do I get a smile design?

The dentist who will make the smile design, priorly evaluates the appearance and the smile of the person and identifies the factors that cause distress. He makes a preliminary groundwork by evaluating both the gingiva in terms of pink aesthetics, and the condition of the teeth and determining the tooth size and forms suitable for the patient’s face and temperament with the taken photographs and measurements. This preliminary preparation will provide the dentist some references for an oral intervention.

What kind of interventions are made for smile design?

There are two basic elements in a beautiful and attractive smile. We can call it pink aesthetics and white aesthetics. The color and shape of the gums may cause disturbances in the person’s smile. First of all, the gums should be healthy; necessary treatments are applied for this. In addition, if the gingiva levels are different or the gums -known as gummy smile appearance- to be excessive, gingivectomy or gingivoplasty (gingival alignment) procedures are performed to achieve a pink aesthetic. In case of problems related to white aesthetics, according to the condition of the existing teeth, the materials and techniques to be selected are performed according to patient’s appearance and needs.

What should be considered in smile design?

The result to be revealed in smile design should bear the signature of the person, not the dentist. All factors, including patient’s age, temperament, even occupation and socioeconomic status, should be assessed. In order to give the person an ideal smile, all these elements should be blended with patient’s expectations. Photography is essential in smile design. The distances and levels of certain anatomical points of the patient and the ideal gingival levels and the length-to-width ratios of the teeth are determined on the taken photographs from patient. With all these detailed work, the most natural and desired shapes and forms are created in accordance with the person’s temperament and expectations.

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