Dr. Melih Şengül

DDS / Prosthodontist

Dr. Melih Sengul, DDS was born in 1977, in Germany. He continued his education in Germany until the fifth grade of primary school.

His dental technician father Himmet Sengul was awarded as the most valuable technician “Gold Paralelometer” (Das goldene parallelometer) in 1987, then he was invited to Turkey by a dentistry fair organization. Prime Minister of that time Turgut Ozal, who visited the fair, gave attention to his works and he wanted Mr. Sengul to return to Turkey to continue his work there in 1988.

He completed his secondary and high school education at Ankara Yukselis College. On the other hand, in his father’s laboratory, especially about aesthetic dentistry and porcelains, he was also maintaining this job with interest. In 1996, he moved to Istanbul to study at Yeditepe University – Faculty of Dentistry. When he was a freshman, he became a member of the newly established Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and focused his studies in this field.

In 2001, when he received his diploma as one of the first graduates of the faculty, he was admitted to Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Prosthodontics and started his professional life and doctorate.

During his specialty, he participates in various studies on implant treatment. On the other hand, in his own laboratory and clinic, he begins to provide technician service to some well-known dentists and runs his own clinic. After completing his PhD in 2007, he devotes his full time to clinical studies.

In recent years, besides aesthetic studies and implant treatment, he is interested in digital dentistry and works in this field.

He still continues his career in his own clinic.

Apart from his profession, he has studies in the field of music. He has successfully represented Turkey a soloist in various international music festivals and he is still working in this branch.

He is married and has a son named Berk.